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Social Media Marketing

Creating business buzz


What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing means attracting attention, traffic, or influence through social medias networks and sites. Social media can bring real-time and one-to-one interaction with your audience. It’s personal.

Social media marketing blends content, entertainment, advertising, engagement, and networking. While not every business is suited total social media management, because of social media’s enormous influence on search, all businesses need at least a presence on social media—just for the SEO impact.

How does Social Media Marketing work?

Making SMM work requires a plan like everything else. Critically discern, who comprises our audience? Business audiences are people too, by the way. Where do they hang out? What do they care about? What do we want them to know? What do we want them to do?

Simply showing up in social media will raise brand awareness but make sure that you’re creating the right impression. Plan a style for your brand—are you conservative and staid? Are you fresh and fun? All styles work in social media—just be consistent to create positive brand associations.

What are your channels? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit, Vine, Flickr, Meetup? Well, it depends on your familiarity, comfort, strategy, demographic. Do you sell to consumers or to businesses? Choosing your vehicle(s) is one of the biggest decisions you face. There are more ways to do it wrong than right so a professional consultation would be well-spent on this point.

Then plan your content. Infographics, photos, videos, FAQs are a great start. Get interactive. If your audience will reply to, comment on, and forward out your content then you are doing something right.

Share curated content. You don’t have to write all the content yourself. Give your audience great, relevant info from other sources too. It’s all about sharing! See what the competitors are doing to get ideas.

While social media management is a full-time job for an internal mascot to face all the live-long day, SEO social media is a more structured and less interactive schedule of posts. Usually fully automated, but monitored for breaking news content, SEO social media creates a great baseline first step for small brands, brands without a natural social media butterfly talent aboard, or brands newly foraying into the dubious world of social.

Why use Social Media Marketing?

Social media is evolving, adapting, changing, and becoming a more integrated feature of daily life. Done right social media can give you a finger on the pulse of your market and other than your time—it’s free. Your competition is going social but they probably haven’t mastered it; you can’t afford to wait until they do. And there are buyers out there that you can reach. If charisma is in your wheelhouse- you’ll enjoy what you can accomplish in this venue.

Do you know these Social Media Marketing buzzwords?

• Live streaming
• Digital hangouts
• Realtime engagement
• Social listening
• Trend jacking
• H2H marketing
• Dark posts
• Facebook reactions
• Ephemeral data
• Geotargeting
• Influencer marketing
• Sponsored post

Metrics used in Social Media Marketing analysis:

• Cost per impression
• Clicks
• Followers
• Engagement (interactions divided by impressions)
• Interactions
• Page likes
• Post reach
• Impressions
• Mentions
• Replies
• Favorites
• Fans

What should I do if I want help with Social Media Marketing?

Consider beginning with an SEO structured social media plan. Open your social media channels with a cadence of posts developed to onboard your social audience. Contact Titan Publishing to develop your Social Media Management plan and get a strong presence that makes sense for your objectives.

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