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National SEO

The technical world of cracking total optimization


What is National SEO?

Search engine optimization influences the online visibility of a website in the search engine results through unpaid (though not inexpensive) or naturally earned tactics. What was once “location- location- location” for the brick and mortar business is now “findability-findability-findability” for the virtual world of commerce.

SEO concerns itself with the nature of searcher’s queries and search engine algorithms to advance the interests of a company, website, or webpage. A highly technical trade, SEO blends psychological tactics, consumer behavior analysis, and programming to push sites up the ladder of the search engine results page.

In trying to increase the optimization of a site, consider that search engines aim to deliver a great answer to a search inquiry. By becoming a great answer to your client’s inquiry, you are on your way to optimization form a content perspective. Then technical SEO makes sure that your site is operating optimally to encourage continued use.

White hat tactics are those which improve a site’s visibility through good design and recommended practices. Black hat practices are those short-cuts focused on ‘deceiving’ the search engine. Grey hat SEO are practices to improve ranking without providing a better user experience.

How does National SEO work?

Technical SEO refers to the administration of a site to prevent errors that hamper traffic. Setting up correctly so that everything points to the right place with the correct tags is a complex process. Most first-generation websites are built on the wrong platform without all the little markers and widgets that help search engines help you.

There are literally thousands of considerations which influence your searchability: the age of the domain, the length of time before the domain needs to be renewed, existence of an XML sitemap and robots.txt file, the misuse of underscores in urls, 301 redirects to keep from splitting traffic, alt attributes, page links, and more.

That’s just fixing the broken tech but obvious improvements in usability, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, mobile rendering, etc. impact the overall website results.

Why use National SEO?

SEO is, to some degree (for every business,) unavoidable. SEO on a website is akin to the aesthetics of a store experience. In the long run, being found, earning prospect trust, and converting customers is best handled through the delivery of value. Call it business, entrepreneurship, enterprise, or whatever—selling goods and services boils down to creating AND communicating value. In today’s virtual market, SEO is the communication of value.

Do you know these National SEO buzz words?

• Indexing
• Crawling
• White hat
• Black hat
• Backlinks
• On page
• Off page
• Private blog networks

Metrics used in National SEO analysis:

• Cost per impression
• Page rank
• Domain Authority
• Organic traffic
• Bounce rate
• Keyword rankings
• Leads
• Backlinks
• Time on-page
• Page load speed
• Crawl errors
• Index status
• 404 page views
• Conversions

What should I do if I want help with National SEO?

Start with a thorough analysis to understand what prevents a high ranking for search terms which culminates in sales of product. Titan Publishing offers a variety of scans at no or low cost. Simply doing a technical clean-up of obvious administrative site problems is inexpensive and powerful. Then look to improve on page and off page SEO through backlinking strategies, improved meta tags, and changes to the user experience to improve conversion throughout the funnel.

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