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The Importance of Being ADA Compliant

The Importance of Being ADA Compliant

What does ADA compliance mean? ADA compliance ensures reasonable accommodation for Americans with disabilities. Businesses generally comply with doorway widths for wheelchairs, handrails, braille signs, and other physical modifications. But now the digital world is...

What is a Marketing Micro-Moment?

What is a Marketing Micro-Moment?

And how your brand can take advantage of new consumer behavior Micro-moments are like stream-of-consciousness smartphone moments woven into the tapestry of the worldwide consumer’s life. The power of micro-moments might best be described by remembering their absence....

How to Improve Your Website by Cleaning Up Your URLs

How to Improve Your Website by Cleaning Up Your URLs

If you’re not a detail-oriented person, you might want to consider becoming one after reading this article. At least when it comes to creating website URLs. Because, as it turns out, that unique line of symbols that identifies each and every web page on the Internet...


Creating ads sounds simple but you need expertise to determine what works best. Display ads? Search ads?Remarketing? Retargeting? Does pay-per-click get you dismal results? We'll get you the best ROI on your pay-per-click ad campaigns.


Customers feel confident landing on a page that looks like the ad they just saw. So make sure your ads look the same as the page they link to. This is called Ad Congruence. Learn how to be a Marketing Titan with Titan Publishing.

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Our client The Orns Solution is a premier Florida real estate firm. Check them out: Titan did their website, logo, name change & writes their SEO, social media, email, blogs, on-page content & does their drone videos. Need marketing help? Contact us.

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